Field of Remembrance - The Devonport Experience


The Devonport RSA resolved to take the lead in establishing a Field of Remembrance for Devonport in early 2013.  Although we had been intimately involved in 2009 with the Field created at Narrow Neck for the exhibition Passchendaele: The Belgians Have Not Forgotten, this latest initiative followed the early steps begun by the Fields of Remembrance Trust and the WW100 programme within the Ministry of Culture & Heritage.

As we started early, we have recorded below much of what we have done to assist other RSAs.  It is not a prescription for you to follow, just the story of what worked for us in the hope that our journey can help yours.

We are still on the journey of course, and these pages will continue to be updated in coming months and years.

If you have any direct questions, please contact the Project Officer for the Devonport RSA, Fred Wilson, at and we will assist if we can.

The record is grouped in theme pages for easy access as follows: