Royal New Zealand Navy Memorial

The Royal New Zealand Navy memorial was erected in 1959 and lists the names of 352 officers and men of the Royal New Zealand Navy, Royal New Zealand Naval Reserve and Royal New Zealand Naval Vounteer Reserve who died in all parts of the world during the Second World War and who have no known grave. Most were lost or buried at sea, although the memorial also honours some who died in Japanese captivity.

The memorial takes the form of a long, slightly curved wall, bearing the names of the war dead on twelve panels arranged in three groups. Originally cast in bronze, the panels deteriorated in the coastal environment and they were replaced by granite panels in 2002.


Almost half of those commemorated were serving on the British cruiser HMS Neptune, which sank after striking mines in the Mediterranean on 19 December 1941 - a tragedy that claimed more than 750 lives, including 150 New Zealanders.

The memorial also includes the names of Able Seaman A.C.H Shaw from Rotorua and Ordinary Seaman I.W. Grant from Dunedin, who were the only New Zealanders killed during the Battle of the River Plate in December 1939.