Poppy Day Trust

The Poppy Day Trust is a single special purpose trust of the Devonport RSA that is registered with Charities Services (CC48460). Its Objects are:

2.1     The principal objects of the Trust are to receive moneys, donations, gifts from the RSA’s annual Poppy Week appeal and any source provided in connection with the poppy designated by the National Executive Council of the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association Inc or its successor (“RNZRSA”) as the RSA Poppy, and add it to the trust fund.

2.2     The trust fund shall be applied by the Trustees exclusively for charitable purposes within New Zealand as set out below:

a.       for the welfare of returned and ex-service people, whether members of a Returned and Services’ Association or not, and their spouses, partners, widows and dependants, who are in need;
b.       such other charitable purposes within New Zealand as are recognised by the laws of New Zealand

The trust deed is administered by trustees appointed by the Executive Committee, and its annual accounts are included in the Devonport RSA Annual Report.

Assistance is available from the trust for those in need who qualify under the terms of the deed of trust. A summary of how to seek assistance is here, but clarification can be sought from any memeber of the Executive Committee or the Support Adviser.